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The Abbeville County

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Welcome to our Dive Team site!

Our Dive Team was originally formed back in the 1980's and just never worked out. In 1991 the Team was Started back up, still under our county E.M.S. service (totally volunteer) and grew by leaps and bounds as far as training and equipment. In 1996 the members of the Team decided to move out from under the canopy of E.M.S. and go under our County Emergency Management Division with three main reasons in mind, funding, jurisdiction and being able to be a self regulated unit under one Chief.

Currently our Team has 16 active members. Those members consist of Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Medical Personel and a few civilians. We have two fully equiped service units containing all essential dive equipment needed for a rescue or recovery dive or an Emergency Command post. We also have a 19' Dive Boat and a 24' Pontoon which is also fully equiped for any dive emergency. Among our equipment we have Dry Suits, Full Face Mask with intergrated wireless communications between divers and surface support, a Hard-Wire Drop Camera serviceable up to 250' depths, double tank/regulator/bcd setups for deep or extended time dives and a Lowrance sonar mounted on the boats.

We require all of our divers to become at least Advanced Open Water certified to dive in most situations, but most members are Rescue or Master Divers and have been certified by Dive Rescue International for search and recovery and contaminated or hazzardous environment diving.

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Abbeville County Dive Team

121 Washington Street
Abbeville, SC 29620

Barry New, Master Diver, Director of Dive Operations, Webmaster
Chuck Bagwell, Rescue Diver, Asst. Director of Dive Operations
Glenn Donaghy, Master Diver, Training Coordinator
Carter Lawson, divemaster
Harby Williams, Diver
Will Blackwell, Diver
Brandon Johnson, Diver
David Payton, Diver
DeLane New, Diver
Chad Kellum, Diver
Chris Andrews, Diver
Andy Bagwell, Diver
Rebecca Brown, Diver
Roy Mclain, Diver
John Banks, Diver
Brian Malancon, Diver

Bermuda Triangle Greenville, South Carolina 864 286-3483

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