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Welcome to page 3 My Awards Page

Welcome! This is my newest page, these are some awards that my page has won so far. I appreciate the efforts made by Webmasters to go and look through sites and present these types of awards. In the soon future I plan to have my own site award to present to sites that I think deserve them. Email me if your interested in recieving my award. take care and be safe!

This is My first and only site award so far, I am working on a really nice one which should be done soon. If you would like this award, send me an email with the site location, your full name and the reason why your page deserves an award. I only accept Law Enforcement request.

Lt. Barry New
102 South Main Street
Abbeville Police Department
Abbeville, SC 29620
United States

The MIDI playing should be familiar..."Theme to Law and Order"

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