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My Fire Department and Dive Team Page

Here is my link to some Fire Department and Dive Team avi's and Interesting sites...

I was Firefighter with Long Cane Volunteer Fire Department since 1982. During my service there I achived the rank of Assistant Chief in 1990 and served there until 1994 when I was elected Chief. I served as Chief until this year, 1998 where I stepped down to be a Lieutenant (get to do some real firefighting now...) and gave some new young blood a chance at the "BIG White Helmet". I still plan to stay active in the Department and was elected to the Asstant Chief again in 1999 and a seat on the County Fire Commission.

In 1995 I was employed by the City of Abbeville Fire Department as a "Paid-Relief" Firefighter/Engineer. In 1996 the City Fire Department decided to expand and go outside the City (into the five (5) mile Fire Protection Contracted area) to hire some Volunteer Firefighters. Up until this time the City Fire Department only recruited Firefighters from inside the city. So applications were taken from those interested (Certified 1121 Interior Class) Firefighters and were voted on by the Volunteer Members. I was lucky enough to voted on and still serve in both capacities today. I guess u could say "It's the Best of Both Worlds". There is a Link in place below with Both of My Fire Departments Home Page on it.

In 1991 I joined out County's Rescue Dive Team. I served as an Advanced Diver there handling Emergency and Non-Emergency related calls ranging from Body Search and Recovery, Crime Scene and Evidence location and preservation to lost Property recovery. In 1995 I was elected to the Assistant Chief's position on the Team, where I presently serve. Also in 1995 I achieved the Dive Classification of Master Scuba Diver whith nine (9) specialty feilds: Search and Recovery, Dry Suit, Night diver, Deep Diver, Buoyancy specialist, Underwater Navigator, Boat diver, Equipment Specialist and DAN O'2 Provider. Between 1995 and 1997 myself and several other divers on our team have become certified Nationally through Dive Rescue International. We are certified in specialty areas such as Cold Weather Diving, Polluted/Contaminated Envrionment, Advanced Dry Suit Diving, Full-Face/Communications Mask use, Surface Supplied Air Diving and Various Advanced Search Methods Using Cameras and Video. The Dive Team is probably the most enjoyable side "Job" I have because I am able to train year round and dive some really nice Lake, river and Ocean sites. There is a link inplace below with the Dive Team's Home Page on it.

In February 1999 I joined Northwest Volunteer Fire Department in Greenwood, County. They have been our mutual aid station since they border Abbeville county's East side. Nothwest is a very active and is very fast growing. They are in process of building a sub-station which is only about 3 miles from my home. The sub-station is going to house a New E-One "QUINT" Engine truck and one of the other excisting Engines. As you can tell I really enjoy the fire service and running calls, especially involved fires. Some say I have too many irons in the fire... I just tell them, "nah, I'm just addicted" In July 2001 I was unfortunantly forced to leave Northwest and the City FD due to a move across the County when I got re-married.

I am currently working as an Inspector / Firefighter-II with Cold Spring VFD and a Battalion Chief with the County Fire System here in Abbeville and really having a great time. We have been really blessed County wide to have received some FEMA Firefighter Asistance Grants in 2004 and 2005 giving the equipment we really needed.

Thanks for checking in om pages! I hope U have enjoyed the information and the AVI's! Bookmark my Home Page and check back as often as u want. I plan to change the pages formats often with new PIC's and AVI's. You are welcome to use/save any of My AVI's you like!

If you know of any Good Fire, Law Enforcement or Dive Related sites please send me an e-mail with their URL address! Thanks!!!

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