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Abbeville Police Department
Special Reaction Team

Welcome to our Department's S.R.T. page. The Team consists of eight specially trained officers chosen from all sections within the Police Department. SRT members must be certified patrol officers for two years before applying to SRT Team. They must have high academic, physical endurance, and shooting skills records to even be considered. All members have expert shooting skills and many have years of specialize training. The SRT is a support unit for patrol. When a line supervisor request the SRT Team, two members may be on scene within 10 minutes and the remainder of team is normally on scene within 20-30 minutes anywhere within the City or on scene assisting any other local Agencies.
SRT is generally broken into three elements; Perimeter/Containment (Marksman), Entry, and Command.

       SRT responds to eight main categories of calls:


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102 South Main Street
Abbeville Police Department
Abbeville, SC 29620

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